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Client Interview | Weidong Yang, Founder and CEO of YAYA Live, talks about how his social app makes it to the top 3 in Thailand in 5 months

YAYA Live has been ranked among the top 3 social apps in Thailand just 5 months after its launching in the market, rising as a new star in the vertical market of live streaming. Thanks to its rapid growth, YAYA Live has announced a series A funding round of about 1.5 million US dollars in July 2021.

It is our honor to have Weidong Yang, Founder and CEO of YAYA Live, with us for an interview on how to make a success in running a live streaming platform. Here are the excerpts from our interview with Mr. Yang:


What’s the main reasons behind YAYA Live’s tremendous success?


I think there are three reasons:

Firstly, our strategy on establishing YAYA Live’s brand by creating quality content. Quality content has helped us attract premium users with high purchasing power and willingness. It also helped YAYA Live stand out from competitions as quality content is rare in the market. We have been taking various efforts to establish our differentiation based on the quality of our content, such as signing up contracts with celebrities for endorsements, and introducing more celebrity streamers.

Secondly, our emphasis on organization localization. We've built a relatively big local team in every market, who has been delivering excellent execution.

Lastly, our business model has been proven to be working well. We drive revenue through live streaming, generate profit through gaming, and scale up user traffic through in-app socializing.


What made YAYA Live choose to go for a premium content strategy?


Well, we believe that this strategy aligns with our founding principles. In fact, there are many options, and the audience is pretty open to different types of content. We have seen that some platforms have paid a heavy price for their choices of providing crudely made, vulgar, or even legally controversial content. To keep our business safe and stick to our principles, we decided to adopt the strategy of providing premium content.


We learned that you were part of the founding team of Kitty Live. Did this experience have any influence on how you build and run YAYA live?


Of course, it did. When I was at Kitty Live, I was responsible for content and revenue, and I also built a team for Southeast Asia business from scratch. From those experiences, I've learned two very important things:

1) Premium content is great for monetization.

2) Having a highly localized team is vital for achieving excellent execution and successful results.

These two principles have been proven effective by Kitty Live. So, we will stick to them in running YAYA Live.


YAYA Live has achieved a rapid growth since its debut. What do you think about such rapid growth? Is it an expected result or a surprise to you?


To be honest, I am a bit surprised by such result. It feels a bit too fast. We are very pleased to see that our strategies are working. However it may also make us blind to our disadvantages. For example, there were some issues in our training and management of our streamers, but our team didn't take the issues seriously because there was a lot of optimism when experiencing rapid growth. To maintain a healthy growth, I have been trying to improve our marketing and products while slowing down the pace a bit.


Will YAYA Live tap into other markets? And, if yes, how are going to choose your target markets?


Definitely. We will cover other markets for in the future. There are several main markets in the world, such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, North America, and the Spanish speaking markets. Our criteria in choosing a target market would include the ROI and the competitions we are going to face in the market. Thailand is a great choice since its return has been attractive and there is still room for growth.


What kind of situation or stage was YAYA Live in when you first got in touch with ZEGOCLOUD?


At that time, we were building all things from the ground up. We were selecting our technology vendors from several candidates for our core modules. And we were doing a lot of research, trying to find out the advantages and disadvantages of each solution provided by the candidates.


So, what made you choose ZEGOCLOUD?


Before I founded YAYA Live, I already had experiences with ZEGOCLOUD because my ex-employer Kitty Live also had been using ZEGOCOUD, and I had built up a lot of confidence in ZEGOCLOUD during my years in Kitty Live. ZEGOCLOUD has been serving Kitty Live well throughout Kitty Live's evolution from a small startup to a big platform. I believe ZEGOCOUD was the right choice for us because it has been delivering excellent performance, scalability, and services.


What do you think ZEGOCLOUD has contributed to the success of YAYA Live?


I think ZEGOCLOUD’s consistently high level of service is what we value the most. We have been facing competitions in many aspects. To win customers, one of the most important aspects is the quality of live streaming, such as smoothness, real-timeness and stability. And it takes a considerable amount of time for a platform to polish its user experience. To deliver an excellent user experience that can match and even outperform our well-established competitors, it's vital that we can get consistent and timely support from our technology partners. We really appreciate that ZEGOCLOUD has delivered excellent and attentive services to YAYA Live, although we are still a small company.

The peak time for live streaming business is normally in the period from 10 pm to 2am every day, which is outside the regular working hours for the ZEGOCLOUD team. Also, there are time differences for some markets. Despite all these odds, ZEGOCLOUD has delivered high-quality services in a timely and consistent manner, which we appreciate deeply.

Thanks to ZEGOCLOUD’s strong support, YAYA Live has stood out from the competition and established its footing in the market.

Wrapping up:

Implementing a premium content strategy, building up a highly localized operation team, and having a technology partner that can provide stable and reliable technical support have enabled YAYA Live to gain market recognition in Thailand and laid a solid foundation for its next expansion in Southeast Asia.

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