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Inke: Pan-entertainment live streaming

Company profile

Inke is the leading app in the Chinese mobile live-streaming market. With its focuses on showroom live streaming and live game streaming, it allows users to engage in multiple ways, such as sending virtual gifts, real-time chats, instant or private messaging and jointly playing social network games, as well as viewing the live streaming anytime you want. As of now, Inke, holding 195 million registered users, has supported a diversity of functions including instant start, real-time beautification and live competitions.


  1. The competition in live-streaming is becoming stronger and stronger, and hours of use are directly impacted by the user experience provided by the product. Therefore, Inke has to ensure low latency, high audio quality, high concurrency and high stability of live-streaming technology.
  2. With excessive competitors, showroom live streaming is highly homogenized and difficult to retain hosts. Therefore, new methods have to be promoted to attract both hosts and users and to increase user stickiness and hosts’ income.


  1. Supported by ZEGO’s audio and video expertise, Inke allows user to have rea-time lossless interactions in live streaming, and ensures a live streaming experience characterized by low latency and high audio quality under million-scale high concurrency. It offers 6-person mic-to-mic interaction, an innovative method that sets the benchmark in this regard.
  2. Based on ZEGO’s flexible audio and video underlying architecture, Inke is able to quickly launch new interaction models like multi-user match-making and radio chat rooms, providing various forms of interaction in live streaming and increasing number and engagement level of users.
  3. Bases on ZEGO’s strong competence in audio pre-processing and accelerated transfer of streaming audio and video files, Inke has released a new voice-based social app Meng2u which provides a novel interactive model for the KTV voice chatroom by combining microphone competition (users try to seize the mic and sing the song faster than others) and AI identification. Meng2u is able to refine users’ singing and provide customized services due to ZEGO’s open pre-processing connector, enhancing users’ experiences and increasing their engagement.


As the most innovative live streaming platform regarding social entertainment in China, Inke has continued to unlock new interactive formats thanks to ZEGO’s support, from showroom live streaming, multi-mic-to-mic livestreaming to voice chatrooms and music-based social networking. By exploring all possibilities of live streaming in content ecology of pan-entertainment, Inke has expanded its revenue model from sole dependence on sharing of bonuses from users to multiple models including ads, e-commerce and paid subscription, so it manages to break through the bottlenecks and elevate its business development to a new level.

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