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Seewo:Special Delivery Class

ZEGO Technology has become the only provider of real-time communication technology for Seewo Special Delivery Class. It helps Seewo Special Delivery Class to build traditional education interactive recording and broadcasting solutions. ZEGO and Seewo create an interactive recording and broadcasting program, opening the market of traditional schools.

At the 75th China Education Equipment Exhibition held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, the interactive recording and broadcasting scheme created by Seewo and ZEGO was unveiled.

The exhibition hall is set as the classroom for teaching, and the three sub-venues -- Ganzhou, Nanchang, and Guangzhou are the classroom for lectures. With a high frequency interactive demonstration every minute, the interactive teaching of four classrooms in different regions is simulated, showing shocking on-site effect.

It is reported that this program, also known as Special Deliver Class, has been piloted in Jiangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Shandong and other provinces and cities, and is expected to be rolled out nationwide in 2021.

Through remote real-time interactive teaching, Special Delivery Class uses central schools to drive the surrounding schools with weak teaching ability, and helps remote rural teaching sites to set up music, art, English and other nationally prescribed courses, effectively solving the problems of remote teaching sites and weak schools—hard to open comprehensive and enough classes and teaching well, enabling rural children to feel the real and interesting urban classroom. This program helps schools to complement each other's advantages, to realize the equalization distribution of resources, and to promote the healthy and long-term development of education.

Based on strong integration capabilities, Special Delivery Class integrates real-time audio and video techniques which is self-developed by ZEGO. By docking with Seewo interactive recording and broadcasting hardware, it has realized the functions of sharing local recording resources across the country in real time, helping schools to realize the recording, storage, dissemination and popularization of high-quality teaching resources, excavating the teaching and research value of recorded course resources, and assisting teachers in teaching.

(Pilot application of Seewo and ZEGO Special Delivery Class in Ganzhou Daping Mingde Primary School)

Special Delivery Class is designed in the mode of "1+3+N", that is, 1 teaching classroom, simultaneously connected to 3 listening classrooms for remote interaction, plus N observers. Teachers can actively choose interactive classrooms to help maintain the order of remote interactive teaching. In terms of hardware, Seewo, following the All in one principle, highly integrates multiple modules such as the director host, remote interactive host, video codec, and audio processor.

Teaching classrooms are located in central schools in all districts and counties, while listening classrooms are located in ordinary primary and secondary schools or teaching sites with weak educational strength. The teaching sites where the classroom is located may only have a few or a dozen students, some have a small number of teachers, some have only guards and cleaners, and no professional personnel is appointed for operating. Therefore, Seewo provides the device which is set for easy to use and operate. After scanning the code and logging in, you can start to listen to the lesson with one click.

With the strong support of the State, in the past two years, the national information network has been constructed very quickly, and the network conditions of many remote towns are with no difference from those of large cities. However, it is still inevitable that in some places, due to the network storm, the manufacturer did not upgrade in time, resulting in unstable network status. In the event of unstable network, the Special Delivery Class should achieve 1080P multi-channel high concurrency at the same time, which requires the real-time audio and video techniques to achieve very low latency and good anti-network jitter.

As the only provider of audio and video techniques for Seewo's special classroom, ZEGO’s self-developed audio and video engine has reached the international top level in audio and video pre-processing, network adaptation, and cross-platform compatibility. It achieved 100ms ultra-low latency, and can adapt to different state of the network, intelligently address network jitter issue and cope with the network stuttering caused by the jitter; on the other hand, ZEGO’s audio and video SDK can run more efficiently on the limited CUP resources of embedded devices. These have provided reliable and stable technical support for Special Delivery Class.

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The construction of Special Delivery Classroom has broken the long-standing education situation in remote areas, that is, year by year, in a room with one board as blackboard, a teacher holding a book and a chalk, standing in front of one desk podium, speaks for a day. By making full use of Seewo's recording and broadcasting equipment, with the help of ZEGO real-time communication technology, through online education, children in mountainous areas can also enjoy high-quality educational resources, which helps to achieve education equity.



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