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Wanshangzhijia:Live Stream Shopping by Everyone

Together with Wanshangzhijia, ZEGO Technology provides omni-channel live stream shopping cloud service for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Live stream shopping is no longer just a carnival in the e-commerce industry. Many municipal and county-level officials walked into the studio to endorse poverty alleviation and help farmers; major scenic spots opened live tourism, so that the scenic spots can obtain continuous exposure while the public are traveling around; a large number of offline small, medium and micro enterprises transformed their physical store to cloud store and expanded their sales through live stream shopping.

Live stream shopping are blooming in all walks of life, but for merchants who have never known it before, live stream shopping is still an unfamiliar area. Generally, these merchants who want to start live sales of goods can choose following two ways:

  • First, find a third-party web celebrity star to promote the goods through a complex and demanding selection of presenters, as well as pay a series of service fees such as a slot fee and a commission;
  • Second:, merchants can build their own live broadcast rooms and perform live broadcast.

Among these two ways, the former is expensive with a low input-output ratio, while the latter takes longer time and yields slower results.

To this end, Wanshangzhijia, an ecological platform for commercial live broadcast marketing services, provides many offline businesses and small, medium and micro businesses with the whole process of live broadcast & marketing & business opportunity management, so as to help businesses achieve a closed loop between user interaction and commodity sales through live broadcast.

Ⅰ. Supporting a variety of live stream shopping, Wanshangzhijia opened the market valuing hundreds of billions yuan.

Wanshangzhijia focuses on commercial live broadcasting services. The platform supports e-commerce live conference, live press conference, live exhibition, help farmers live broadcast and other modes of live broadcast to promote goods, so that merchants can carry out diversified live broadcasting activities in the form of daily promotion of new products and large-scale exhibitions.

(Wanshangzhijia Poverty Alleviation and Farmer Assistance Wengchuan Special)

For different businesses, Wanshangzhijia supports diversified commercial live broadcast forms such as live broadcast of the conference, sale live broadcast, new product release, e-commerce live broadcast, encrypted live broadcast, paid live broadcast, to meet all kinds of broadcasting demands.

For example, before the live broadcast to help farmers, the farmers in the producing area can show the real growth of agricultural products to be sold through the live broadcast, so that they can pre-sale and prepare goods in advance; as many enterprises are involved in the live broadcast of large-scale exhibitions, exhibition contractors can apply for a full day live broadcast, so that the audience can visit the exhibition anytime and anywhere, realizing the same experience as the offline exhibition.

Aiming at the pain points of small, medium and micro enterprises such as the shortage of professional live broadcast talents, lack of knowledge of live broadcast skills, and inefficient live broadcast marketing, Wanshangzhijia also provides free top presenter promotion, live broadcast training, presenter training, corporate internal training and other services. The platform's business school is equipped with professional training team. Advanced instructor guides businesses throughout the whole process, so that they can master more practical operation skills in training. Theory and practice go hand in hand to increase the conversion rate of live broadcast.

At the same time, the platform built its own operation team to help businesses provide pricing system planning, store analysis and planning, product SEO optimization, activities planning to create best seller, efficiently attract users, and drive popularity.

As a professional commercial live broadcasting service platform, Wanshangzhijia fully meets the marketing needs of businesses, integrates massive project resources, and helps micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to complete the digital upgrade from traditional enterprises with high-quality products and services. These diversified and innovative products and services are inseparable from stable, smooth and high-quality audio and video technical support.

Ⅱ. ZEGO e-commerce live broadcast solution, providing comprehensive technical service support for Wanshangzhijia

Wanshangzhijia helps more businesses realize diversified realization and traffic capacity through commercial live broadcasting services. Therefore, the quality of live broadcasting service of the platform will directly affect the effect of live broadcasting with goods of businesses. After multiple selections and comparisons, Wanshangzhijia finally chose ZEGO Technology as its technical partner.

ZEGO Technology is the world's leading audio and video cloud service provider. After experiencing 19 years of audio and video technology accumulation, ZEGO Technology has developed the first global live audio connection technology, and continues to promote the application of audio and video technology in pan-entertainment, social interactions, education, office meetings, e-commerce, medical industry, Internet, IoT and other fields.

ZEGO e-commerce live broadcast solution, supporting PaaS full terminal access and aPaaS speed access, has strong advantages:

  • Full channel coverage: ZEGO e-commerce live broadcast solution supports omni-channel access of Web, APP, H5, and mini programs, so that Wanshangzhijia can realize all-platform and all-terminal access;
  • Rich functions: Rich functions such as audio and video live broadcast, IM interaction, product list presenting, beauty, background management, to meet the various needs of businesses for live broadcast to promote goods;
  • Rich functions: Rich functions such as audio and video live broadcast, IM interaction, product list presenting, beauty, background management, to meet the various needs of businesses for live broadcast to promote goods;
  • Recording and playback: Server recording service is provided. Based on this, Wanshangzhijia can perform live playback, so that excellent contents such as live broadcasts of scenic spot, beauty makeup skills, and clothes matching can obtain longer exposure time.

Ⅲ. Technological innovation upgrades the gameplay, which enables that Wanshangzhijia and more companies share the live broadcast bonus

The popularity of live broadcast to promote goods this year is obvious to all. In order to help Wanshangzhijia to seize the market opportunity more quickly, ZEGO Technology, in addition to providing e-commerce solutions, also provides 7X24 hours of technical support services to help Wanshangzhijia APP to integrate and launch quickly within one week, and gradually open more channels such as mini program and H5.

At present, the average daily broadcast time of Wanshangzhijia has exceeded 40,000 minutes, and well-known brands such as Hongqi Car, Quanu Home Furnishing, IKEA, HEYTEA, Peacebird, Chengdu Huashuiwan Scenic Area have carried out live broadcasts on Wanshangzhijia platform.

ZEGO Developer Center

In addition, Wanshangzhijia also launched a live broadcast project to help farmers and poverty alleviation, using live broadcast to promote the sales of Mengdingshan tea, Puyang ecological vegetables, Wenchuan cherries and other agricultural and sideline products.

As more and more brands join the platform, ZEGO will continue to partner with Wanshangzhijia to adopt more innovative marketing methods such as audio connection live streaming, merchandise seckill, snatch red envelopes, so as to share live broadcast bonuses with more companies.

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