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ZEGOCLOUD launches a one-stop "social + karaoke" solution, integrating online karaoke into social contexts

Online karaoke has been a hot niche market in the online entertainment section. According to iiMedia Research’s latest update, the size of online karaoke users in China in 2021 was approximately 510 million, with a penetration rate of about 49.7%, which means one in every two internet users in China has experienced online karaoke.

Since 2020, big social platforms have been publishing online karaoke products that integrate with social, live streaming, and short videos, to offer more diversified online entertainment services.

It is foreseeable that online karaoke will soon be merging into more and more online entertainment scenarios in different forms. and there will be a further leap in the growth of the online karaoke market.

ZEGOCLOUD launches a one-stop "social + karaoke" solution

Building a full-featured online karaoke platform with a great user experience is no easy task. Here are some of the major challenges:

1) High technology threshold: online karaoke by nature demands a high level of performance in audio quality and fidelity, real-timeness of audio transmission, and accompaniment synchronization across multiple participants.

2) Complex business-oriented functionalities: building a platform that provides both online karaoke and social features involves developing many business-oriented system functionalities, including a music player, a speaker (singer) seat management component, voice beautification, sound effects, etc.

3) Challenging legal process of acquiring copyrights: an online karaoke system needs to use a large number of music resources. For any company, it is a very challenging legal process to obtain legal access to such resources to ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to intellectual properties.

To help businesses overcome these challenges, ZEGOCLOUD launches a one-stop "social + karaoke" solution. By integrating this solution, you can quickly build a customized online karaoke into your social platform at a very low development cost.

The solution is designed to deliver the following benefits:

1) It is full-featured and supports all use cases. With ZEGOCLOUD's solution, you can quickly build all necessary and popular online karaoke features into your apps, such as song ordering, solo singing, sing-in-turns, and real-time chorus.

2) It provides access to more than 2 million songs and accompaniment tracks, with copyright compliance guaranteed, directly via ZEGOCLOUD.

3) It provides use-case-oriented functional modules that allow you to build your customized online karaoke into your social platform according to your business requirements.

Let's discuss in more detail these benefits.

In general, there are three main categories of online karaoke use cases:

1) Solo: one singer sings a whole song. The singer can stream a pre-recorded singing performance or go live directly.

2) Sing-in-turns: multiple singers sing in turns to complete a song together. There are many ways to allow users to sing in turns. For example, users in the room can try to snatch a chance to become a singer and then solo a part of the song.

3) Real-time chorus: singers can literally sing at the same time in real-time. There are many customized use cases. For example, the hosts of two live streaming rooms can have a singing competition with each other. The two hosts sing the same select song that is picked by a paid user, and their fans in the two rooms will send virtual gifts to their favored singers.

You can integrate these different types of online karaoke into various social and entertainment use cases for differentiation in user experience. Here are some examples:

1) Adding gift-to-sing karaoke to voice chat roomsAudience members can pay by sending virtual gifts to request one or more hosts to sing a song that is picked by the paying audience member. This is a great way of monetization for the platform.

2) Adding real-time chorus karaoke to one-on-one dating platforms Singing a song together is a great way to break the ice between two first-time strangers. The two users can sing chorus or sing in turns, which brings great user experience.

3) Adding sing-in-turns karaoke to live streaming In a live streaming session, several hosts can sing a song in turns, while the audience members can send virtual gifts to their favorite hosts and comment or even grade on the performance in real time.

More Than 2 Million Songs And Accompaniment Tracks

There are some common copyright problems in the industry: It is very easy for platforms to commit copyright infringement as the copyrights sometimes are not clearly defined or too complicated for the platform to manage effectively. Scattered copyrights also make it difficult for platforms to get hot and new songs timely.

ZEGOCLOUD has come into partnership with Tencent Music Entertainment Group (NYSE: TME) to ensure copyright compliance.

1) It provides access to more than 2 million musical pieces

The songs and accompaniment tracks are guaranteed with copyright compliance. The huge music repository has covered almost all songs and song genres and can satisfy all your needs, saving you from the worries of insufficient songs or song genres and copyright issues.

2) It covers hot songs on mainstream music platforms.

The repository includes top-ranked songs loved by young generations and those popular songs on short video platforms. So, your users can always find trending songs on your platform.

3) The music repository is dynamically updated  

The repository is updated dynamically and timely, making sure that new songs are included and popularity trends of songs are reflected.

4) We offer flexible and cost-effective pricing plans

It is worth mentioning that online karaoke platforms often need to purchase the copyright of an entire library of songs as a package. ZEGOCLOUD's "social + karaoke" solution offers a more flexible copyright billing model, allowing you to pay by the monthly users/rooms of your platform or the number of times songs are accessed, resulting in significant savings in song copyright costs.

9 Use-case-oriented Functional Modules

You can customize your online karaoke to meet the needs of your own use cases as follows:

1) Scoring of singing performanceThe solution can score singers on their singing performance automatically to enhance user engagement. You can customize the scoring feature according to your own needs.

2) Synchronous lyrics display in word-by-word or line-by-line formatsThe solution supports lyrics display word by word, or line by line, in perfect synchronization with the song across all participants in real-time. This is a built-in feature, so you don't have to implement it yourself.

3) Support for singing the culmination onlyBy indexing the culmination of songs in the repository, the solution allows users to only sing the culmination of a song, which helps encourage users to participate in the singing.

You can build a lot more customized use cases with all the use-case-oriented modules the solution offers. Let's take a look at these modules one by one.

1) Lists of top songs

It contains songs listed in the 4 rankings and tens of categories. Hot songs can be retrieved directly.

2) Song repository module

There is a massive amount of copyrighted music resources in the repository. You can search, retrieve, and download songs, accompaniment tracks, and lyrics.

3) Media player module

The media player supports various media playback operations, including start, pause, and resume. It allows switching between the original song (with vocal) and the corresponding accompaniment track. Also, it allows adjusting volumes of the singer’s voice and accompaniment separately.

4) Lyrics module

It supports displaying lyrics word by word, or line by line, in real-time synchronization with the song being played.

5) User engagement module

The solution provides various interactive features that can enhance user engagement, such as singing performance scoring and ranking and retrieval of the culmination of a song. It supports users to sing in different ways, such as solo, sing-in-turns, snatch-to-sing, etc.

6) Room management module

Users can create or join a room. Room information, such as the number of users in the room, and the number of users on speak seats, can be retrieved to display. Room hosts have the authority to manage the room they created.

7) Speaker seat management module

Room hosts have the authority to manage the speaker seats in the room they created, such as locking/unlocking speaker seats, muting/unmuting a speaker, inviting audience members to a speaker seat, removing a speaker from a speaker seat, etc. Audience members can request to become a speaker or leave the speaker seat as they wish.

8) Song ordering module

Speakers (on speaker seats) can pick songs from rankings or other song lists. Room hosts can manage all the select songs.

9) Real-time chorus module

It allows multiple users to genuinely sing a song together in real-time, highly replicating the experience of a face-to-face offline chorus.


With the synergy of social interactions and online karaoke, platforms can expect to see a better performance in user attraction, user retention, and revenue generation.

ZEGOCLOUD's "social + karaoke" solution has been proven to be very effective in helping its customers achieve these results. If you are looking for a way to in this regard, please contact us and speak with our solution architect.



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